We make physical products that unlock exclusive digital content.

It all starts with fashion.

Handcrafted in NYC.


Change is in the air (and it feels great)

Hello friends,

We have a couple of quick announcements to share with you:

New bracelets. Our thick twisted rayon bracelets are now available in store, along with our inaugural special edition purple leather bracelet.  As with all our products, stock is limited, so get yours before they’re gone!

Lower prices - but still proudly handmade in NYC. We’ve spent the last couple of months refining our manufacturing operations to make our line of bracelets more affordable.  The good news is that we’ve successfully managed to translate our efforts into reduced prices across the board.  The great news is that we’ve accomplished this without selling our soul: all our bracelets are - and will continue to be - crafted by hand here in NYC.

A fun-filled summer! You know that feeling when you’ve got a really juicy secret to share, but you can’t just yet?  So, you keep dropping hints until someone “forces” you to tell them.  Well, that’s kinda how we feel right now.  We’ve got lots of exciting things in store for you over the next few weeks - all designed to make Chipp’d a bigger source of joy in your life. 

Stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss a beat.

— Your friends at Chipp’d.

They say good things come to those who wait - but better things come to those that don’t need to wait any longer!

Visit our store and feast your eyes on our newest bracelets.

Happy Mother’s Day!

"There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are super mom."
- Stephanie Precourt

To all the moms around the world, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Here’s how some of you paid tribute to mom on her special day.

Introducing “Made with love, for mom.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked some of you to build a Chipp’d page just for mom. 

We’ll be showcasing these pages over the next few days and we hope they’ll inspire you to do something wonderful for your mother on her special day.

Visit Chipp’d to build your own fun and personal gift for mom.

A not-so-little announcement

We’re finally open for business!  

Or as we like to say here at Chipp’d HQ, the shackles have finally come off and our work is only just beginning.

It’s been a long and tumultuous ride to get to this point.  We’ve learnt more about casting, molding, soldering, polishing, letter pressing, assembling, laser cutting, packaging and shipping than we ever imagined in our wildest dreams.

A little over a year ago, we had a vision for a fun, little company that would make authentic, keepsake products to help people connect and reconnect in a more personal way.

We stumbled across a super talented illustrator, who gave us our whimsical pigeon, and everything snowballed from there.

Truth is, we’ve been very fortunate to work with some amazing people (they know who they are) and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of their contributions.  We just hope to do their work justice.

Before we sign off, we wanted to share one last thought with you.

There’s no such thing as launching.  A launch date is only some arbitrary line drawn in the sand to give startups a clear target and some added discipline.

Every company – big and small – launches every single day, because every single day, someone is:  interacting with your product for the very first time; visiting your website for the very first time; or watching your promo video for the very first time.

To these customers, their very first interaction with our brand is the day we launch.  They don’t care what happened on February 6, 2013 or what Chipp’d accomplished on any other day before they found us.

So, to all of you out there that we haven’t met yet, we hope to offer you the very best launch we can when our paths do finally cross - because that’s the only date that matters to us.

Until next time.

On launching and our ever-evolving launch date

Launching a startup can be emotional.  Things never work out the way you expect – in good ways and bad.  The ups are awesome, while the downs can bring you to your knees.

With Chipp’d – as with many startups – we completed most of our product on schedule.  We’ve been “on the verge of launching” for months now – a fact that’s unfortunately been highlighted by the changing launch ‘season’ on our social media profiles.

[Lesson for the books – don’t publicly declare a launch date/month/season until after you’ve launched.  It’s no fun to look flaky.]

In our defense, the things that have taken us a ridiculous amount of time to get done have been all the details – the little things that can be the difference between a “good” and “great” product.

We’ve gone through a couple rounds of testing and we’ve refined Chipp’d a ton already.  But, just like the “80/20” rule says, it’s that last bit that’s the real adventure – and so it’s been for us. 

From working to get our product right to the nearest tenth-of-a-millimeter to refining the app based on beta tester feedback - we’ve spent the last few weeks applying the finishing touches to all that is Chipp’d.  

So, while the delays we’ve experienced so far are nothing to boast about, it’s all for a good cause: to offer our customers the most joyful experience we possibly can.

With that – we have no more announcements to make other than to say:

Chipp’d is coming soon!